When I travel with my family I like to make a little movie about it. Enjoy.

A Strasburger family trip to Namibia to kick off 2018.

Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017

A Strasburger family trip to Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to ring in 2017.

Upstate New York, 2014

A weekend in the Catskills with friends.

Iceland, 2014

Iceland in the winter of 2014. Very cold.

Brazil, 2014

Recife, Brazil for the World Cup: A summer of fun, food, and coconut water.

The Stans, 2013

A family trip to Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan in August, 2013.

Cuba, 2012

A People to People /Farm to Table trip to Havana, Cuba.

Southeast Asia, 2012

For the summer of 2012, I was awarded an undergraduate research grant from Washington University in St. Louis to study textiles in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar). My goal was to understand how Southeast Asian designers are manipulating traditional textiles to appeal to modern consumers, along with learning the process of creating a textile from beginning to end.